During her one month-long residency in Teheran in 2018, Elisa Andessner asked 30 women the question: „What is your message? What do you have to say?“. This question triggered moving conversations and common thinking about politics, human and women's rights. Future visions were as well described as everyday occurences. Within detailed talkes the interviewed women very openly gave insights into their realities of life. At first quite affected, Elisa Andessner started to research into the history and the current situation of women's rights in Austria and Europe. The numberous conversations the artist had with most diverse women eventually were processed in form of artistic photography and video. Andessner asked the Teherani women to write down their messages, which build the basis of the project, in Farsi handwriting for her. Referring to the iranian born artist Shirin Neshat Elisa Andessner wrote these letters in her own face within a performative action, even if she doesn't speak one persian word. The idea of literal incorporation of the persian language and culture, in which writing is a traditional art form, gave the impuls to do so. Besides that, it was the usage of naked skin as a mean of transportation of important messages.